About Chapterthirty

Chapterthirty is an online resource to inspire women to achieve their dreams. Life is for living. Don’t spend your twenties simply planning for the future you crave, do something about it.

Chapterthirty is about understanding what you want and going out to get it.

Mission Statement

Chapterthirty wants to inspire women in their mid to late twenties to turn their dreams into reality, whether that’s finding the perfect career, homeownership or a round the world trip. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Don’t be scared of the prospect of turning 30, it’s just the start of a new chapter. Chapterthirty.

Who's behind Chapterthirty?

Rachel Birchley
Founder and editor

Having had nine quite different jobs since dropping out of the University of Southampton aged 20, Rachel is only just understanding what she wants from her career and it involves being in control of her own destiny.

Living with her husband on the sometimes sunny south east coast of England, Rachel is paying off wedding debt, worrying about turning 30 without a pension and hoping to buy a house and start a family both within the next four years. She has serious wanderlust, guzzles tea by the gallon and covets cute animals.


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