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Tips for keeping your house tidy

Chapterthirty tips for keeping your house clean

Well done – you’ve decluttered your house and come through it – now what? These are my tips to try and not get yourself back there and having to declutter again. Be strict with yourself, and make any new purchases on a ‘one in one out’ basis. Use a notebook – write down everything you want to do in either a daily, weekly, monthly plan – it helps to clear your mind. And can also be used a tick list.


  • Put clean washing away as soon as possible – that means no piles of clothes lying around. I still struggle with this one!
  • Check your fridge weekly and throw out any food past its best before date. Take note of what you regularly throw away and have a think about how you could reduce your waste. Could you freeze some bits or use them up in another meal?
  • Recycle newspapers, bottles and plastics for the local council collection – I get a lot of rubbish though the post – so I recently set up a recycle bin at my front door – this has saved me time as I just have to empty the bin every two weeks and no more piles of papers/promotions waiting to be recycled.
  • if you have a home office, clear the paper work every Friday. Also clear your inbox and delete unwanted messages. Create files for everything else. This will help you keep on top of everything and helps to prevent the feeling that things are building up.
  • Meal planning for the week is great for saving time and money – use www.mysupermarket.com to check who has the best deals for what you want to buy. Planning your meals in advance will also help to reduce waste as you only need to buy what you’re going to use.


  • Check all your bills have been paid – this will help your credit score which can be damaged if you forget to make your payments on time. Alternatively, set up direct debits for all your bills so you can’t forget to pay them.
  • Go over next month’s events, birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, etc. This way you can get cards ready, anniversary events booked and stop leaving things to the last minute.
  • Have a donation box somewhere so if you decide to declutter some more items, you’ll have somewhere ready for it.

Do you have any top tips for keeping your house tidy? Please share them in the comments below.

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