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Frozen churros for cheats

Churros for cheats, saving money on Cinco de Mayo with Chapterthirty

This Cinco de Mayo celebrate with a tasty (and a little bit naughty!) treat that’s surprisingly cheap. The other week, Lidl were celebrating the tastes of Spain and had a great range of Iberian goodies available including these frozen churros.

If you’ve never had them, churros are like strings of donuts that are deep fried and tend to be eaten with coffee or hot chocolate for breakfast. You can also buy them from street food stalls to enjoy at any time.

The last time I had churros was at Broadstairs Food Festival, and the time before that was in Mallorca. I love them and was very excited to find them in the freezer section at Lidl.

Rather than having to make the dough and pipe it into the fryer, now all you need to do is grab however many you want out of the freezer and either deep or shallow fry them.

Lidl churros

Frozen churros from Lidl

Heat oil to cook churros

Shallow fry the churros

Churros with cinnamon sugar and chilli flakes

I prepared a simple cinnamon sugar to sprinkle over the churros and because it’s Cinco de Mayo I added a few dried chilli flakes.

Churros top view


What frozen gems have you found lately? Share your secret in the comments. I promise I won’t tell anyone….

This post forms part of the Blog Every Day in May challenge. Tomorrow’s prompt is ‘share the blog love’. Follow along with all my BEDM posts here.

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  1. Hi Rachel! I’ve come over from the BEDM link to come and say hi to everyone! Will try to come back another time if I can but rI love your approach to ysterday’s prompt which I chickened out of!!! Mmmmm, i am SO going to check out the frozen aisle in Lidl for these- I had them once and really enjoyed them!
    Nice to meet you!x

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